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Holistic Business Analyst

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 -
6:00pm to 9:00pm
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Due to unexpected circumstances the event “The Holistic Business Analyst" is rescheduled to September 19th.

We are proud to announce that on Tuesday 12th June, the IIBA Dutch and Brussels Chapters will join forces in a shared event. In a inspirational surrounding of the Manifesto building (www.manifesto.nl) we hope we can offer you an interesting program.


Part 1

We are pleased that Stefan Bossuwé takes us in his view on the holistic Business Analyst. Being passionate about business analysis for many years,  Stefan Bossuwé founded together with a small group of business analysis enthusiasts the IIBA® Brussels Chapter (covering Belgium and Luxembourg) in 2009, where he got appointed as Chairman. 

The presentation will:  

  • invite you to see the BA profession beyond the tasks and techniques
  • invite you to see your organisation as a whole as well as a collection of its parts
  • introduce you to concepts & techniques essential to Holistic Business Analysis

Join us to learn what it takes to become a Holistic Business Analyst.

Part 2

The second part of the program is intended as a moment of sharing inspiration, knowledge and experience across the Belgian and Dutch BA borders. Maybe you have questions yourself you want to get answered for a long time? This can be the moment of truth... Are there any similarities between performing business analysis activities culture wise in Belgium and the Netherlands? In what area do we differ as a business analyst and in which area (is it) not? What role does education (esp. BABOK) play(s) as a guideline in both countries? etc. 

We hope for a lot of enth(o)usiasm(e) and fun during this evening 'cause the intention of both IIBA chapters is to organize more of these combined evenings of knowledge sharing. See the complete agenda below. Come and experience it yourself!

Language: This presentation can be held in Dutch or English depending on the audience

Location: Breda (Netherlands), Markendaalseweg 58 (Manifesto)


  •   18:00 uur: walk in with coffee, tea and "holistic" food 
  •   19:00 uur: "The holistic BA" presented by Stefan Bossuwé (President of the IIBA Brussels chapter)
  •   19:45 uur: Short break
  •   20:00 uur: IIBA NL meets IIBA Belgium / Brussels
  •   20:45 uur : Grab a drink and meet (further)

    On behalf of the board of IIBA NL and Brussels chapters we hope to see you in Breda!

Event Details: 
This presentation can be held in Dutch or English depending on the audience
Event Location: 
Breda (Netherlands), Markendaalseweg 58 (Manifesto)
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