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Tuesday, November 1, 2022 -
4:00pm to 5:30pm
The Super Tuesday of the KNVI is really going on: The first Tuesday of November, 01-11-2022 from 16.00 to 17.30, online. Is this message real? And no false information that has been spread unintentionally. Or misinformation deliberately created to misinform you? The KNVI is an association for and by information professionals, without business interests, company memberships or fixed subsidy flows. That is powerful: the association is independent and can build on more than 100 years of experience. That is a limitation – the association is dependent on the free time and efforts of volunteers for all activities. 
In 2022, disinformation and propaganda are a current theme. In an increasingly complex social and political environment, opponents argue for various social themes that the other person shares disinformation. The question then is whether this was done consciously. Does the author work on behalf of a ruler, does the writer follow a dominant narrative without questioning it? Or is the publicist trapped in an organization in which systemic developments prevent the space for self-reflection? Or is it simply paid for the publication – for business reasons. These questions will certainly come up during the KNVI's Super Tuesday. Examples from the past appeal to the imagination. Cigarette manufacturers who did not explain very clearly what the side effects of smoking (known to them) are. Publicity from the Second World War to provide extra support to both sides of the front. The Dutch government's dairy campaign to reduce the dairy lake and the promotion campaign for green bio-fired power stations that are co-fired with freshly felled trees from Canada and the USA.
In any case, we can conclude that belief in MSM (Mainstream Media) is waning. We can hardly recognize objective news and good 'deepfakes'. Everyone will recognize the conversations about vaccination, the abolition of physical payment methods, the digital ID and climate change. Including the impact on taking a stand in conversations with family and friends. Alternative channels and independent journalism therefore receive a lot of attention. Articles by investigative journalists from De Correspondent are widely shared. Follow The Money and Bits of Freedom are increasingly coming into the picture with their revelations. Blckbx TV, De Nieuwe Wereld and Café Weltschmerz broadcast content that does not make it through the regular media channels – for whatever reason. Food for conversation and deepening? We think so! Welcome to the online Super Tuesday of November 1, 2022!
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