1...2....3.....The study group took off...!
The study group has been started at 29th of February. See Introduction IIBA Study Group 2024_Feb2024.pdf the proposed dates for the study group and the topics that will be covered. Why join? The study group serves as a preparation platform for IIBA certification and is...
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Sign up for Session of Inspiration March '24 (Den Bosch)
“Together Stronger with Information Management 2.0: Successful Organizations in the digital era” In the digital age we live in today, we can see that information technology has become intertwined with our daily work, and technological advancements are happening at an increasingly rapid pace....
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Happy 2024
It's that time of year again when the days get shorter and the atmosphere warmer. The IIBA NL Board would like to wish you a fantastic Christmas and a great New Year! Thank you for your commitment and dedication to IIBA NL. Together we will make the world of Business Analysis even more exciting...
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Your vote counts!
Now that we have seen the pitches of the 2023 BA Achievement Award shortlist, it is time for you to act. You can re-watch the pitches and check out the initial achievement submissions here Cast your vote using the email address at which you...
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Invitation for IIBA Jaarcongres at Hogeschool Utrecht (23 Nov)
We invite all members / sponsors for the IIBA Jaarcongres (23 November) at the Hogeschool Utrecht ICT. This is the moment were you can meet others members / peers and can 'consume' some interesting best practices from (international) speakers: Speakers Martin Bloemendal, IIBA NL...
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IIBA NL newsletter has been published...
We are proud to publish our 5th newsletter with some interesting topics: - announcement IIBA Jaarcongres (23rd November Hogeschool Utrecht ICT) and speaker Joris Schut from BearingPoint. - Vacancies for the IIBA NL Board. - Open Meet up "NLP" hosted by To The Point Company...
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The 4th newsletter has been published...
In this newsletter you can read: a retrospective on the previous 6 months, but also a look forward for the second half of this year including the year congress on November 23. that we are proud to welcome our new Corporate Sponsor Belastingdienst, specific their BA Community. also an...
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Subscribe for the Masterclass Prosci @PanCompany (Den Bosch)
Please subscribe & join this interactive session on 22th June 2023 at the PanCompany Headquarter (Den Bosch). On this session is a maximum number of seats (25 available),  The location is easily accessible by public transport. There are also enough parking spaces if...
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And the winner of the BA Achievement Award 2022 is Anna Kochanowska!
And then it finally was 22nd November. During our IIBA NL Jaarcongres we had the honor to announce the winner of the BA Achievement Award 2022.  The winner of last year  - Marieke van der Vliet - explained the audience what this award brought her. Personally and business-wise. ...
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En de winnaar van de BA Achievement Award 2021 is … Marieke van Vliet!
In oktober was Marieke van Vliet een van de 5 kandidaten op de shortlist van de BA Achievement Award. In haar pitch gebruikte ze een metafoor van eilandjes van stakeholders en de zee, waarbij de Business Analist de zee is. Op ons eigen IIBA NL event op 18 november j.l. won ze de Award met glans en...
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