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“Together Stronger with Information Management 2.0: Successful Organizations in the digital era”

In the digital age we live in today, we can see that information technology has become intertwined with our daily work, and technological advancements are happening at an increasingly rapid pace.
Historically, information management has been a way to align business needs with IT offerings. However, this perspective implies the existence of two separate worlds with different interests and ambitions that need to be aligned: the "business world" and the "IT world." However, this way of thinking and organizing is no longer suitable for today's reality. How can we truly establish a connection through an intensive collaboration between business and IT? This is information management 2.0 in the present day. And what does it mean for the role of the business analyst? Senior consultants Jeroen Stoop and Koen Hilhorst from Mobilee management & advice will guide you through their thoughts on this matter, provide practical examples from the field, and engage in discussions with you.
The following topics will be covered during this webinar:

  • What is information management and what is business-IT alignment?
  • Why does traditional business/IT alignment no longer work?
  • What is information management 2.0?
  • What does this change mean for the role of the business analyst?
  • What (initial) steps can organizations take, what works and what doesn't?

About the presenters: Jeroen Stoop and Koen Hilhorst are senior consultants at Mobilee management & advice, with extensive experience in information management. Both consultants have worked extensively with service-oriented organizations in the financial services, (semi) government, and healthcare sectors, always at the intersection of business and IT.

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The language of the session is Dutch.